Ute Tanks Available Now

Why Fuelchief Ute Tanks Available Now

The Fuelchief range of Ute tanks takes your refuelling needs to the next level.  Our range starts at 200 litres and goes up to 600 litres. Each model comes with customised preferred requirements based on client needs; these include lockable lids, auto-shut-off nozzles and flow meters. When you require a small storage tank to meet your demands and remain durable and sturdy, our range of Fuelchief Ute tanks are for you. Manufactured with a robust, modern design and available in aluminium and certified plastic models, guarantees excellent durability in the toughest of conditions. Built to handle every day knocks that come with working in heavy industrial environments, the Fuelchief Ute tank range will give you years and years of consistent and reliable service.

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